“Oddities And Treasures”

Click Image To Visit My Etsy Store

Click Image To Visit My Etsy Store!


I’m an old soul.

I love to hunt for antiques and vintage treasures, whether books or trinkets. I appreciate the value, craftsmanship, originality and of course, the history of aged things.

I finally took the time to create an Etsy shop, “Oddities And Treasures”, to share the unique things I find while thrifting🙂

In middle school I was not too thrilled when my parents too me to stinky old thrift shops, but now, my motto is: the older the more valuable!

Over the years, I developed a keen eye for spotting vintage and antiques, and now enjoy hunting with my parents.

Aside from oddities and rustic treasures, I also feature prints and photo canvas of my photography.

I hope to one day sustain my family with my creativity; at least on the side.

Non Profit Photography

As the Social Media Director & Newsletter Editor for the Long Beach Latino Civic Association, I am privilaged to be the “online voice” that bridge the gap between the organization and the community they serve.

Although I am fortunate enough to be get paid for this position, I volunteer my time, energy and skills by photographing special events and programs the LBLCA provides, supports or manages.

I’ve been so busy on the clock (and off the clock) that I haven’t had the time to update my own blog/website.

Below are a few albums of the events I’ve photographed for the LBLCA. For the complete collection of albums, visit: LBLCA Albums


Click Image For "Miles For Mothers" Album

Click Image For “Miles For Mothers 2014” Album


Click for the "LBLCA Gala 2013" Album

Click for the “LBLCA Gala 2013” Album


Click image "LB 1st Community Garden" Album

Click image “LB 1st Community Garden 2013” Album


Click image for "Salsa En La Plaza 2013" Album

Click image for “Salsa En La Plaza 2013” Album



Death is Inevitable. Create Something That Will Live Forever.

Click image for direct to: "Miles for Mothers" Album

Click image for direct to: “Miles for Mothers” Album

Only when you realize that you are a part of the world (and not consumed by your own #selfies #drama #insecurities) can you begin to make the world a better place.

Death is inevitable. Create something that will live forever.

Click Image for "LBLCA Gala 2013"

Click Image for “LBLCA Gala 2013”

Working for the Long Beach Latino Civic Association as a Social Media Director, Newsletter Editor, Creative Designer (brochures, invitations, fliers…etc) and Photographer has been a true blessing. Not only do I get to promote #EnvironmentalJustice #CulturalAwareness and #CivicParticipation in #LongBeachNY, I am able to utilize today’s technological advancements like #SocialMedia and #Apps to advocate for a better world.

I’m thankful. I’m happy. I’m honored.

Non-Profit Organization: Long Beach Latino Civic Association

LBLCA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Long-Beach-Latino-Civic-Association/285033675902

LBLCA Instagram: http://instagram.com/lb_latinocivic

LBLCA Twitter: https://twitter.com/@lb_latinocivic

Joonmarie Roca-Brush Photography