***The original piece is JUST AUDIO. This is an audio documentary, embellished with photographs to aide for the lazy impaired.

This particular piece is even more personal because it literally paints private life.

This was also the first piece I’ve created using Pro Tools (which I don’t think is any harder than Final Cut–contrary to what my classmates said).

I also want to state that as long as you follow the rules, YOU can make your own guidelines.

I literally finished this project, a month before it was due, because I did it my way. Instead of interviewing then writing the script. I first wrote the script, then interviewed my narrators to find where they fit. I was so excited about this project that I was up late hours doodling notes, spent class lecture times into work time, and constantly revised my work over and over…

It is also important to note that having better equipment, does NOT mean, you’ll produce a better story. A lot of my classmates used the isolated audio booth, to record their narration, while I only used a portable pod-cast to record mine. Yet still, my project was better equalized, used the most sound effects (which was encouraged when placed in appropriate spot), and even though it was 7 minutes of audio, it effectively animated.

I did it my way, without waiting for deadlines, I went a head, and it paid of.


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