This short film was my first attempt at recording my own b-rolls and editing visual and audio actualities (and pictures) using Final Cut Pro.

As always, I was ambivalent–both excited and nervous from start to finish. From the 7 pages of transcript, to the re-shooting of interviews, and carrying the big load of lighting equipments, it was a lot for a newbie like me to handle.

But, two year later, I am still proud of my work (although I feel like tweeking it to make it better), and want to do more.

I found that even if I am not as tech savy as the college assistants that work at the CT lab, I have the talent of knowing how to let the story unfold.

Like the colorful illustrations of Dr. Seuss, I see my story unfolding as a series of pictures, followed by few important notes.

I found myself awaking in abnormal hours writing down ideas or how to do “this” or “that”.

But no matter how it was done, the “long way” or the “easy way”, I was reluctant to change anything for anybody–even if it was from my professor Michael Smith.

Either way, I am proud to say that my family loved my work, and are anticipating more!


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