I’ve always wanted to have a family business, or a business of my own. So I am going to work around my future multimedia company the “Jooniverse”

I want my design to be simple, yet bold–because my demographic are lazy people who want to give creative and sentimental gifts, that does not require effort on their part.

Business Envelope

Business Letterheader #1


***The jpg compressed the original colors and quality of my illustrator work. It is suppose to be a darker shade of purple, and yellow. And Less cartoonish and more funky ^-^

***What is the Jooniverse: an internet based multimedia company that makes personalized gifts. Whether its making comical music videos, digital albums. to personalized mugs, bags, blankets…YOU NAME IT WE’VE GOT IT!

***Jooniverse Logo: “THE WORLD OF TOMORROW”

***Font:Braggadocio (REG.18), Goon spectre TBS (BOLD ITA.12) and Chalkboard (REG.6)

***Color: Yellow, Purple and Orange (for abstract contrast)


About Joonmarie Roca-Brush

*Visit Foreignfilmfan.wordpress.com to share your love for foreign films *Visit Jooniverse.wordpress.com for my ePorfolio

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