Joonmarie Roca-Brush
Eng 384-Wiki Project Reflection
April 19, 2010

At first, the wikiproject was an overwhelming thought that I could not imagine to finish—clearly forgetting that I am part of a team.  Having used to doing work alone, or rather preferring to work alone, I was cynical about working in teams. Conditioned to work independantly, I anticipate getting all my well-deserved credit all to myself. But in my surprise, working with Sori, Faisal, Angela, Hassan, and on occasion James, has been both enjoyable and eye opening. As it turned out, not all people are too lazy to help out, and the wikiproject became do-able.

Not having to bear all the tasks and constructive criticism on my own, I also found it fascinating (with no offense), how many different interpretation can unfold with any given task. Because the project did not start on a narrow path, I suppose our thoughts were often separated and scattered–and in most cases, redundant, rather than edited and continuous.

I am not aware if others have modified my work, but I found myself editing others’ grammars or re-wording a few sentences to make it sound more active rather instead of passive. Modifying, rewording, and adding, not only improved our overall output, but encouraged others to contribute.

To to be honest, I did not think we could possibly finish by the end of the semester. Faced with the lucrative task of being a source of information to the world, was both exciting and nerve wrecking. And when people didn’t hold their end of  the bargain, for example, when people didn’t keep up with the homework, the goal became even more far fetched. But then I remembered, that a wiki is a constantly edited piece of work, that could have no ending! And true to our nature (as college students), toward the last few weeks, when we wanted something done, and fast, we got down to business! I worked with my team for Yetman’s page, and more extensively in the Unchained Memory page.

Procrastinating is a college student’s defense mechanism against going insane or having nervous breakdowns. And even the best of us are partial to applying procrastination in our daily lives. But when all is said and done, I’m proud to say that:” I was part of a group of writers, who wrote about a movie, about a group of writers, writing about a group of people.”  teehee 😛

Links to some of my contributions:





Commentary from fellow classmates:

“Dear Joonmarie,

In your reflection you were as always so professional.  I know that this project couldn’t be done without your enthusiasm and great professionalism.   You guided the group into the wright direction toward getting a successful entry.  The only thing that I would suggest you to do is to list all the changes that you personally did because you did a lot.  It was a great pleasure to work with you and i hope we can work in another project in the future. ”
-Sory Skelton

“I have always been a fan of your work.  You are so gorgeous and respectable when it comes to produce some thing.  I have observed it in other classes too.

In this project you have organized our teamwork too besides making a major contribution from your group.  The box of links you added for the page and heading you made for the cast was really grate.

Your alone contribution is all over the page and really amazing.”

– Aminul.


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