I LOVE art–basically anything that can expresses creativity while evoking positive emotions.

I am taking FA 258-Printmaking, and will be posting my awesome work here as well. It seems to be a fun elective, but BEWARE of the expensive artsy fartsy supplies. I am the first to think that talent is in the drawing, NOT in the $8.99 Arche Cover paper. I looked EVERYWHERE for these fancy supplies, and found them over priced mostly everywhere.

Don’t even get me starting on etching tools!!!


Now that I’ve vented and feeling better, I shall explain my recent work.

This watercolor work is entitled “bearHUG”, and it was hand sketched and watercolored my yours truly.

The task was to create a theme (mine is “Bliss”) and expand from there. What? I know…Artsy Fartsy nonsensical talk (teehee) but it’s all good.

It is essentially a work in progress, since the picture are just the mylar surface that was then printed on the pressing machine (basically pressing the image on the wet-ted expensive Arches Cover paper) to make a mirror image.

We had to bring home the original mylar sheet (above) that was covered with gum arabic, to paint over it. ‘Cause it’s the artsy fartsy homework thing to do.


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