For CT 345, we had to create a “show” that will feature our own customized opening graphic.

The show’s demographic are teens and tweens so the animation is fun, jagged and spooky. “TEEN SCREAM” is a show that involves teens submitting 3  spooky stories–but at the end of the show, it will be revealed that only 1 is real and 2 are fake.

Using Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Motions, I will be presenting a graphic opening that consist of a host introducing an episode clip, using greenscreen and animation.

And because I happened to rent the equiptment on the day that my “talent” aren’t available to go to the studio, I have to bring the studio to the “talent.”


If you can't bring the guinea pigs in the studio, bring the studio to the guinea pigs


Cristina Travis

LINKS:  Teen Scream: 30sec Episode Mediocre Compositing  Teen Scream: 30sec Opening Mediocre Compositing


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