VIEWERS BEWARE: This version is poorly compressed from a 9.2 GB movie file to a 15 MB MPEG-4. it’s supposed to be dark-but not this dark.

This short dramatic comedy entitled “Meatballs”is based on the fictional struggles of Cristina Molina, over a Meatball Parmesan Hero.
Leaning towards naturalistic lighting, I wanted to test the capabilities of the Canon T2I SLR in terms of capturing images with very little light source (natural or artificial.) Without using tungsten lighting (that I’d ordinarily be using), I relied on street lamps, stop lights and headlights for outdoors, and utilized existing lights within the house to create a “realistic” effect.

Although the beginning is dark, I was going for a tired…weary…lonely look, for the famished and fatigued Cristina, who’s been repeatedly deprived of the immaculate sandwich. This whole clip would be told under 1 minute, but I prolonged the journey to further the anticipation.

Of course having an alternative ending seems ridiculous for a 5 minutes clip–BUT I couldn’t decide which ending to put.

***When I find extra time, I will re-export, re-compress, and re-edit.

Meatball Parmesan

Taken with a Canon T2I SLR


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