SINCE Professor Smith (Michael) said I won’t be approved to do Stop-motion until I can prove that I can do it, when I got home, I started practicing the basic technique, while researching other people’s works. This is VERY rough, obviously I can do better, and I actually learned a lot of what NOT to do or what to avoid while doing this exercise.

By doing this practice, I noticed some things that NEEDS careful consideration:

#1 LIGHTING-Whether or not there is flash or no flash on the camera…light source/direction

#2 TRIPOD OR NOT TO TRIPOD?- Needs stability or movement?

#3 SETTING- [look below for sketch of Fruitopia]

#4 EFFECTS- This is a very rough draft, and I just used Windows Movie Maker to add the sad “Old Film” effect (I promise I won’t do it again lol)


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