Just in time for Father’s Day!


Handy Man illustrates the daily grind of blue collar family man Donald Joseph Brush, who despite his grueling schedule of work, carpool, and very little rest–still manages to find happiness in the small things in life; snacks, cats, and togetherness. This short film shows how a hard working man (small in eyes of society), is the backbone that holds the family together.


FINALLY done with my final project :p It’s a hefty 6 minutes and a few seconds, and needs to be compressed before being uploaded.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share my experience with 3 different cameras that I ended up using: Canon T2I, Panasonic HMC40, and my handy-dandyFlip.

CHALLENGES WITH T2I: I came across some difficulties due to lack of accessibility. As we know, the sensor on the T2I is very sensitive, and that’s why it’s always recommended to use polarizes while outdoors. Unfortunately, the filters weren’t available at the time, so I had to make due with what I had. No matter how I lowered the apature most of the footage were flooded with light–some I was able to fix with color saturation in Color. Some footage were not so fixable so I had to omit it from the film.

CHALLENGES WITH HMC40: On my second time shooting, the T2I was unavailable so I had to take out the next best thing which was the HMC 40. Although it was more stable and less sensitive to light, I found it less “flexible” when I wanted to play with manual focus and depth of field, as well as bringing in more light when outdoors. Because it not as photo sensitive as I wanted it to be, some outdoors clips became grainy and harder to fix post production.

FLIP: I wasn’t allowed to film at the auto shop, so I used my hand-dandy Flip (often pretending I was on the phone.) Less stable, but a lot less noticeable, I used the Flip to capture the “Handy-Man” at work.



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