"Growing up I think a lot of people get there first kisses in middle school even grade school. I didn’t have that... not even high school. I just never…there was no one around that really picked my interest. On a personable level. I didn’t’ fit in in any cliques so I had no one to gravitate to. Compared to people animals are less judgmental. My pets don’t judge me for who I am and the choices I make. " -Danielle, 22yrs old

I’m doing a photo-essay documentary about my bestie Danielle Parker, who’s come a long way from years of emotional teen-angst and self-loathing–to now becoming a self aware, content individual.  Having known each other for nearly 12 years, Danielle and I are polar opposites when it comes to many personality traits–but we share the same important fundamental beliefs in what we want in life.

This documentary will show a glimpse of Danielle’s love for her animals, her passion for film and photography, as well as her struggles with anxiety, hypochrondria and awkward social skills.  A woman of few words, Danielle may come off as “introverted” or “indifferent” in the eyes of our small town, but what she lacks in the ability to entertain people with small talk, she makes up for with genuine conversations, a quirky sense of humor, and unconditional love.

Having finished recording our interview, transcriptions and getting footage, I will hopefully be done by next week.

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