My next documentary project is about a “place.” I have to somehow tell a story about a place; the challenge being WITHOUT using dialogue, narration, and not even people (‘cause that would be too easy.)

So I decided to pick an interesting narrative: the point of view of a ghost, lost in the legendary Sweet Hollow Road & Mount Misery (located here inLong Island.)

The written proposal below is a mixture of my imagination, and a few legendary characters that are said to haunt the famous roads. The pictures are taken from the web and are not my property.


CLICK pic for more hauntings on legendary Sweet Hollow Road


I know this place. My mom has passed under the bridge countless times, and she would always say that my sister and I are “not to wander around ‘cause it’s dangerous and lots of accidents have happened here.” These two roads are said to be haunted, so against my mother’s warning, me and my friends would go through the woods armed with slings to protect ourselves, while hunting for ghosts. I roam back and forth Sweet Hollow Road and Mount Misery, hoping someone will notice me down the narrow winding path. I see cars parked under the bridge, with their headlights off, waiting for something to happen; waiting for the legends to come true.

Henry the mutt would look like this


I don’t remember how I got here. I just want to go home, but I can’t. I’m not sure what day it or what time it is. Sometimes it’s day, and sometimes it’s night—I don’t know when it stars or ends. I just know that I’m either in the woods or on the street under the bridge.  I don’t feel hungry, cold…or hot. I do feel sad. And afraid. I’m afraid all the time. I feel like I’m invisible— like no one can hear or see me. Sometimes, certain animals, like Henry, see me— but they always run when I get close. People tried to talk to me a few times, but they don’t hear my answer, so I get frustrated. I try to make a lot of noise, but the more noise I make the more people run away. It’s like there’s a thin veil between me and other people and not everybody can see through. I must be in a deep sleep, and having a really long dream or something. But can you dream more than once at the same time? Almost everyday, at different moments, the same nightmare happens over and over. I’m running, and I fall and the back of my head feels warm then everything goes black. Then I wake up. I think. But I never remember falling asleep. It always feels better when I wake up, so I try not to sleep. When I’m awake I feel light—almost airy. It doesn’t feel real.

CLICK for more on legendary Mount Misery


Something is preventing me from leaving this place. I can’t seem to go anywhere else. I feel like I’m in an endless limbo. And even with the open road, I can’t get out.

I don’t think I’ll ever get home.


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