Picked up my cap & gown last week O.O

The thought of graduating in a few weeks is really making me anxious about my future. Thus far, my determination to challenge myself while staying happy and positive, has attracted good things in my life and I intend to keep the ball rollin’.

I love love LOVE lists, and I’ve had this particular list hidden from the world for quite some time. But I figure, if I really want to push myself to accomplish at least half of ’em, I must set it free out into the world. Just knowing it’s out there with my name on it, will make me do something about it.

If my priorities change through out the year, I’ll deal with if then. But for now, this is My Bucket List:

1) Publish  a book (self-publish or go through publisher)

Disturbed at Hammerstein a few years ago

2) Help create a One Hit Wonder: I want to make a song (but only once) that people will enjoy for years to come

I was mentioned in our college blog at York Cuny Communications Technology thanks to my awesome professors and Mr. Iddan Brown ^-^

3) Be mentioned in a written post, book or article

This was last summer when I was interning for Transit Transit News Magazine–a television series from the MTA that aired on PBS

4) Win an academy award–Oscar: Best Movie or Best Screenplay:  Don’t laugh. I really think this can happen.

This was a pretty cool honor, to represented York college at the Annual Cuny Conference a few semesters ago.

5) Be revered in certain circles/be a high ranking boss in a career I love

I MUST have this in my life

I MUST have this in my life!

6) Own a Corgi: no if, ands or buts, this is a MUST:

7) Own or retire in a farm/ranch

8) Travel: 7 Wonders of The World

Submitted to NoH8 campaign. But I’d like to do something BIGGER one day.

9) Contribute/start foundation to help a good cause

10) Invent an “As Seen On TV” product OR develop a way of doing something & be named after it: Who doesn’t want to be named after something!?

11) Get DNA genealogy: I’d like to know how many percentage I am of whatever

…someone aside from Cookie Monster >.<

12) Be first name-basis-friends with at least one celebrity/person of interest: ’cause I firmly believe you need to know people in both high and low places

Our car now. I named him (the car) Stan. Ain’t he pretty ^-^

13) Get my husband that car he’s always wanted (but who am I kidding he wants like 10 cars)

Danielle (left) Me(middle)Cristina(right)

14) Go on an all inclusive trip with my besties

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa?

15) Get my parents to say “You were right the whole time!”: well that one might never happen but I’ll try lol


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  1. Cristina says:

    I loveee this list … I deff believe ull acomplish everything 😀

  2. […] am proud to say that this month, I’ll get to contribute to charity– (which is part of My Bucket List) twice. Draw 4 A Cure in on May 12, 2012 in New […]

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