This is a very empowering talk about our need for solidary in order to formulate ideas–instead of the norm to constantly be in groups albeit in school or at work.

Not sure which side of the spectrum I fall under, as I do very well in public interactions; but in general, I’d rather be alone with my books or movies. I HATE group work at school, and always want to do things on my own where I feel I can work uninterrupted.

My motto when it comes to working has always been “sorry. I work alone.”

When I get to school I purposely avoid having to talk to people, but not cause I’m shy or don’t know what to say–on the contrary I speak A LOT in groups and am very opinionated. But I love being creative on my own (even though the tv is on or I have headphones listening to something really loud.) Whatever I do….it works for me.

But this talk gave me the validation that it’s natural to want to be alone and not work with people lol.


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