As the Senior Vice President for Social Security System in the Philippines, my uncle Miguel E. Roca Jr was not only an influential and important man in the professional world, but a beloved family member that has provided and supported many of my cousins–who may not have the opportunity otherwise, in their life and studies.

As my father’s big bro,  I can only imagine the torment he may be going through, as he grieves his abrupt, untimely passing early this month.

I did not know what to give my father for father’s day, as material things doesn’t seem appropriate this year. After finding my oil paintings from cleaning and organizing our new apartment, I decided to paint the above painting, as a positive visual aid for someone who is grieving.

What my dad takes from this is going to be a wonder, but the hope of course, is that he can find peace that my uncle is in a better place.

For me on the other hand, THIS has certainly been theraputic.

R.I.P. Tito Jun


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