One of the graphics I composited for Limit break Studio’s animation series, Life After Pride.

The annual New York Comic Con is but a week away!!!!

As a member of Limit Break Studio’s storyboarding & videography department, I have the pleasure of not only helping on the booth–I get to help with design and preparations ^.^

As I slowly shift from storyboarding to videography, I shot footage and edited for Limit Break clients, while the rest of the staff focused on designing and animating episode three of Life After Pride. Although I enjoy the shift, from an entry-level  to what-I- intend-to-focus-my career-on position, I missed working with graphics and designing.

So I suggested, since we’ll all be wearing different outfits for the convention, we’ll need something to unify us as one entity. And so, I started designing prototype staff identification cards!

Four of the fourteen prototypes I designed for Limit Break Studio

Of course, revisions are a must when it comes to designing. Variables that affected the design are  size, color scheme and layouts, which must bring attention to the company.

No matter how much my boss likes a design, if I don’t like it, I’m going to revise it lol. And for bragging rights, I also made the I.D. lanyard (made of leather) as well ^.^

Staff I.D. for Limit Break Studio, to be worn for the New York Comic Con 2012


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