Click picture for direct link to the sample site I put together for  “Who Framed Me?: Handmade picture frames for all occasions!”

In my previous post entitled Social Media Overview Presentation, I spoke about the  internet as the best advertising medium (emphasizing it’s benefit for small businesses), and how blogs/sites can be a one-stop-platform for multiple social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

I recently put together a sample blog for a friend of mine, who’s hand-crafted and customizable hand-crafted frames  “Who Framed Me?, needed a boost in the marketing department.

Who Framed Me? has an online page in Etsy (a well-known online shop for vintage and handmade crafts) for sales, as well as aFacebook Page to create a buzz. However, I suggested that she needed a blog or website to integrate multiple pages into one, to increase the chances of online-visibility and sales.

Small businesses like Who Framed Me? can thrive online, by reaching MORE audience, than a small boutique would in person. Not to mention, a business can save thousands of money by paying $18 a year to maintain a website domain, than to rent an actual store, which has no guarantees of being flocked by customers. WordPress users know they can have a blog/site for FREE, with the same if not a little bit more effort to maintain a Facebook account. You DON’T have to be a web designer to create a site, its just in the matter of time & effort you put on your site, it’s contents and deliverance.

In a matter of days, the sample site I’ve created already has a handful of “followers” and viewers! Although, with an url like ““, I’m attracting an online-marketing niche rather than customers lol, but if Who Framed Me? had it’s own url–like or something similar; it would still target a large niche of hand-made or personalized gifts.

View my previous article Social Media Overview Presentation, for more a more detailed overview of the  effects of social media advertising for small businesses. OR contact me if you are a small business, and in need of a social media manager, to be the virtual voice of your company.


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