As a General Manager, I am often tasked with creating flyers for special events. This is when my background in communications technology comes in handy.

But since my office computer isn’t  equipped with Photoshop, Illustrator, or other precision editing software, I work with what I have.

Sometimes, that’s Microsoft Paint, Picasa, or Word Processor. There are simple templates readily available in Word, but I prefer to create my own layout. A good editor (with the right image files) can make anything possible!

Below is a sample of what can be created with png files, using Microsoft Word.

1) Use .png files that have transparent background. Transparent background makes it easier to layer, regardless of the color of the background

2) For successful layering, right click image (once pasted on Word) and select “send to back”/”move behind text” option. This will allow you to move the image freely.

3) Don’t be afraid to overlap, rotate, and flip images!


1) Since Word is not a precision editing software, there are limits to how many layers of images can overlap.

2) If you can’t find vector files with transparent backgrounds, images with colored background will have to be “sent to the back”.

Disclaimer: Each image were individually layered to create unique layout. I do not claim to have created the images, nor am I involved with the Disney/Pixar movie. This flyer will not be mass produced, and is only posted here for educational purposes.



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