Death is Inevitable. Create Something That Will Live Forever.

Click image for direct to: "Miles for Mothers" Album

Click image for direct to: “Miles for Mothers” Album

Only when you realize that you are a part of the world (and not consumed by your own #selfies #drama #insecurities) can you begin to make the world a better place.

Death is inevitable. Create something that will live forever.

Click Image for "LBLCA Gala 2013"

Click Image for “LBLCA Gala 2013”

Working for the Long Beach Latino Civic Association as a Social Media Director, Newsletter Editor, Creative Designer (brochures, invitations, fliers…etc) and Photographer has been a true blessing. Not only do I get to promote #EnvironmentalJustice #CulturalAwareness and #CivicParticipation in #LongBeachNY, I am able to utilize today’s technological advancements like #SocialMedia and #Apps to advocate for a better world.

I’m thankful. I’m happy. I’m honored.

Non-Profit Organization: Long Beach Latino Civic Association

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Long Beach Latino Civic Association


It is my privillage to say I am the new Social Media Manager for the Long Beach Latino Civic Association; a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Latino community of Long Beach New York!

Photo Retouching Samples

The following are samples of my photo retouching & compositing, using a precision editing software.